Eric holds a PhD in Theology. He talks about walking away from the church and coming back to it with love and skepticism.  

Eric talks about benefiting from and rejecting patriarchy; how men become “rock stars” of social movements within the church while the women who do the same work remain unknown; and how his experience in Watts for Teach for America led him to Glenstal Abbey in Ireland, where he spent three months. Listen to our full conversation.

Caroline talks about how parishioners and lay leaders in the church have no say in changes that affect them. 

Caroline talks about how decisions made on the diocese level can drastically change a parish overnight, and how she distrusts lay leadership, even though she’s a lay leader. Listen to our full conversation.

Episode 8: Jen

Jen talks about what she’s learned by talking to Catholics for a year, and what that means for her community and for her faith.

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