Chris and his seven brothers grew up on a farm in Virginia. When visiting Charlottesville in 1994, Chris saw a newspaper story about a former local priest facing criminal charges for sexually abusing a boy in the 1960s.  

Chris talks about the trial and conviction of Paul Rodriguez, the priest who sexually assaulted him when he was 15. Chris discusses the impact it has had on his life, and how he reckons with his faith. Listen to our full conversation.


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Adrienne talks about how she went from being a Sunday school teacher to publicly withdrawing her support from the church.

Adrienne talks about teaching religious formation with a female-centric point of view, rewriting the psalms, and hanging out with the Weathermen in 1960s Wisconsin. Listen to our full conversation.

A longtime member of the Catholic Worker community, Laura talks about her current "crisis of belonging" with the institutional church and her loss of confidence in church leaders.

Laura talks about Catholic Social Teaching, her work as a volunteer in the Archdiocese of Hartford, CT in the 1990s, and how the absence of Catholic clergy at the 2017 Unite the Right rally disillusioned her. Listen to our full conversation.

Debbie talks about finding and converting to Catholicism while in medical school.

Debbie talks about how a friend’s living faith attracted her to Catholicism, and how the rape scandal, clericalism. and patriarchy makes it difficult for her to remain Catholic. Listen to our full conversation.

This guest talks about being a Secular Franciscan and how their humility and simplicity attracted her to the order.

Discussing the Franciscan charism and how working for the church both gives her cover to lead a countercultural life and exposes her to criticism, our guest talks about how the rape crisis has affected her relationship with the church and with God. Listen to our full episode.

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